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by Julian Link

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About me

Photography and dance sport are both passions of mine – combining both is the pinnacle!

I’ve been exploring the world through a lens since I was a teenager and have been focusing on people photography since 2010. I am a loyal Canon lover and enthusiastic about all kinds of technology. Therefore, I also like to try something new and be inspired by the latest tech trends.

What I appreciate most about photography is capturing emotions and special moments, interacting with other people and being guided by shared ideas and interests to get the perfect picture.

My name is Julian and I’m looking forward to seeing and photographing you at one of the next competitions or shows!

My passion for dance sport photography

Dancing is a unique art that conveys emotions to the highest degree. Every step, every movement tells a story full of passion, expression, and elegance. What makes dance sport photography so special is the ability to capture these emotions in images. 

Moreover, there’s no other sport where athletes are as perfectly styled and wear such fantastic outfits as in dance sport. The precise movements, the breathtaking dresses and the carefully crafted make-up and hairstyles of the dancers make every shot a highlight.

I am particularly enthusiastic about ballroom and latin dancing. But now and then I also discover other disciplines such as boogie-woogie, ballet, contemporary, high heels dancing or hip hop. Every dance has its own charm. 


As I do dance sport photography primarily out of passion and enthusiasm for dance sport, I do not accept bookings or assignments in advance, but work as a freelance photographer at my own discretion.


I live and work in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

So, I am mainly present at larger tournaments in South-West Germany, e.g. at the German Open Championships (GOC) in Stuttgart, Hessen Tanzt in Frankfurt or the Goldstadtpokal in Pforzheim. If you are participating in such a tournament and are interested in professional dance photos, there is a good chance that I will be on-site. 

Get in my focus

While I strive to capture as many couples as possible at a competition, this is unfortunately not always feasible. My availability depends on various factors such as the size of the tournament, the schedule, and other commitments, but I’ll do my best to capture your dance.

If you’re looking to be photographed by me, here’s how you can increase your chances:

  • Forge positive connections:
    If we’ve met before or interacted positively in the past, your chances of being photographed by me are higher. Reach out and let’s connect to increase your chances.
  • Showcase your talent:
    If your dancing is exceptional and you exude expression and skill on the dance floor, you’re more likely to catch my eye. Stand out with your performance, and I’ll be drawn to capture your moments.
  • Expressive performances:
    If your performance captures my attention and resonates with me on a personal level, I’m more likely to photograph your dance. Whether it’s your unique style, emotional expression, or captivating presence.


I’m really looking forward to taking pictures of you and getting in touch with you! You can contact me in German or English.


Instagram is the best place to see my latest work and contact me. I usually post new pictures of dance events and shows on Instagram. 

Check out my Instagram profile, follow my site and get in touch with me via Direct Messages. 

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Also take a look at my online shop. I have created various galleries there, sorted by tournament, where you can purchase photos for various purposes.

Please contact me if you have any questions about customised combinations.


If you are interested in my pictures or want to collaborate, please send me an email.


You can also send me an WhatsApp message if you have any further questions.